Emotional Services


We assist women through the very personal process of deciding to parent or planning for an adoption.  While providing counseling support, we can make referrals for legal advice and financial aid, that will assist interested women in developing an adoption plan, so they may place their baby in a loving home. 

Interpersonal Relationships

By providing a functional community living experience, we teach and promote skills in communication, problem solving, and relationship building. 

Lifestyle Choices

We encourage sexual abstinence, as women pursue their own emotional healing from broken relationships. We also provide education in STD prevention and birth control.  Villa Majella is a drug and alcohol free living environment. 


We empower women to overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol, by providing a clean and sober living environment.  If a woman with an addiction problem has not completed a recovery program, we will refer her to Project Recovery, a Perinatal Recovery Program, during her maternity stay.  We encourage her to take responsibility for her own step work, attendance at meetings, and sponsorship.


We are a non-denominational organization. We encourage women to utilize a spiritual support system, to cope with the many stresses they may encounter during this difficult time in their lives.  We respect each woman's spiritual journey. Volunteers offer an in home bible study and a class on  12-step  recovery.  In addition, although not mandatory, we encourage our residents to attend a worship center of their choice for spiritual support and encouragement. 

Join our community by filling out our resident application. Once your application has been reviewed, our Program Director will get in touch with you to go forward with the interview process.