Educational Services

Newborn Care

In addition to prenatal education, we provide breast feeding, baby classes, and hands-on experience in newborn care, so our mothers-to-be can feel confident in their ability to meet their baby's needs.  Visiting nurses will also provide follow-up consultation when a mother returns to Villa Majella after her baby's delivery.  Mothers at risk, may be referred to child development specialists for additional supervision and support as needed.  


We offer a parenting certification program through Family Services Agency in Santa Barbara. This 14-week class is offered at Family Services Agency and we provide transportation for our residents to complete the course. Once the course is completed, residents receive a certification of completion. The course curriculum highlights maternal-child bonding, normal child development and positive discipline. 


Residents receive instruction and assistance in budgeting and financial planning, while also making a contribution toward receiving our services, according to their specific financial means.


Women receive economic support and dietary instruction in purchasing and preparing nutritional foods, for their prenatal and postpartum needs.  

In-House Programs

Villa Majella offers the following programs to our residents: life skills, budgeting, child birth education, 12-step program, random drug testing, one-on-one counseling, postpartum/anxiety, preparation of a family meal once a week, chores and bible study. All classes are mandatory. 

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