When I came to Villa Majella I was 24. I transferred from a sober living into the VM program once I found out that I was pregnant. I was pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. My relationship, with the news of my pregnancy, was less than positive. However I knew I had to stay the course and do what I had to do for myself and the babies I was carrying.

When I moved into VM I was frightened, confused, lonely, depressed, angry, you name it. There were young women from every walk of life and they welcomed me immediately, as well as staff who provided me with resources I would have been lost without. I was provided a safe, comfortable environment that eliminated some of the basic stresses in my life, such as can I make rent, do I have enough to eat, where do I find a Dr, and insurance etc. And in turn what that gave me was more time. And when you are as lost as I was, time is what you need to figure things out. Villa Majella allowed me time to slowly rebuild trust with my family from a safe distance and led to them welcoming me back home.

The counseling resources VM provided allowed me to learn self-respect necessary to be in a healthy relationship with the father of my babies. It took time, but through lots of hard work and relationship counseling we have been able to start over- today we live together as a family and feel so blessed that we have this life!

The other quality I learned was humility. I thought that hitting rock bottom in alcoholism was humbling enough, but then to have to ask for help being pregnant, then to realize all the help and support is coming from the goodness of peoples hearts took it to a whole new level. The generosity of others helped me to make it through the first couple of months with my babies barely needing anything. I remember Christmas morning opening so many gifts not just for my babies, but for me too!

Living at Villa Majella was one of the most difficult periods of my life, but it has inspired the most growth. My family and I owe a lot to this organization and I can only hope that I can give back and impact someone else’s life the way mine was.
— Villa Majella Resident, 2013
During my stay at Villa Majella I got the opportunity to grow as a new mom I had a lot of help by finding resources for housing, therapy, and so much so more.

Every Wednesday the housemother would go to the Food Bank to get food for us, we would get car rides if we needed them. If I needed someone to talk too, there was always some there to listen to me. We had meeting with nurses and with the Villa Majella staff. We would talk about our goals and how to accomplish them. They knew that our babies were really precious to us and they would help with them too. When I felt exhausted and needed to take a nap or a shower they would help me. When I would talk to them about my goals they would find out information for me to begin the process.

I always felt like that was my home and belonged there. I had a difficult pregnancy had diabetes, it felt good to be helped the ways they did after I gave birth to my baby.

Thanks to Maria, Debbie, and Christa I had a really good experience, felt comfortable and had all the help I needed. Breanna my baby wants to thank them too. Also to all the others like therapist and nurses that make it possible to make it through a hard time.
— Rocio, Villa Majella Resident