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Parenting Resources


Calm provides care for children, who have been victims of abuse. Calm has also been at the cutting edge of child abuse treatment and prevention for the past 45 years. 

Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara

The CAC of Santa Barbara works to assist low-income families with school placement, lunch and snack programs, medical, dental and mental health screenings, prenatal screenings, services for children with special needs, parenting education workshops and more.

Family Services Agency

They offer a parenting class where residents learn about understanding developmental milestones, strengthening empathy in parents and children, disciplining in a positive and nurturing way, developing positive self concept, self-esteem and self worth, recognizing, managing and communicating feelings, and having positive interactions among family members.

Life Skills Parenting Education Program

New Beginnings’ Life Skills Parenting Education Program teaches critical hands-on parenting skills, mindfulness strategies and overall life skills to more than 100 low-income families each year who need practical tools to establish and maintain stability in their home environments. For more than ten years, this program has been offered at no cost through community centers and non-profit organizations that serve at risk youth and low-income families.

PEP (Postpartum Education for Parents)

Baby Basics Classes are held monthly and teach expecting parents the highlights of how to care for a new baby, including diapering, feeding, sleeping, and safety. A live bath demo and Q&A sessions make this class a fun way to learn about what to expect after your baby is born.