Pregnancy Resources

Network Medical Women's Center

This is a local, Santa Barbara pregnancy health center for women with unplanned pregnancy. They provide resources for women going to term or considering abortion.

Text4Baby Tips

The first mobile information service that will give you pregnancy and child health information through text message.

American Pregnancy Organization

A national health organization committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, support, advocacy, and community awareness.

Cord Blood Banking-A Parent's Guide

Your child's umbilical cord cells are powerful, versatile and full of life-saving potential. These young cells haven't been exposed to disease - meaning they can replace older, damaged cells and boost recovery time. Stored cord blood protects your family from dangerous conditions, including immune disorders, blood defects and several forms of cancer.

Mommy Nutrition

A site for first time parents. Tips on getting your body back after giving birth, step-by-step parenting advice, local resources, message boards, and interactive activities. 

Eating Right When Pregnant

Expert advice on the best foods to eat during your pregnancy.

Oral Health

A complete guide to Dental Care & Pregnancy.