Parenting Resources

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Calm provides care for children, who have been victims of abuse. Calm has also been at the cutting edge of child abuse treatment and prevention for the past 45 years. 

First 5- Santa Barbara County

First 5 is a local, Santa Barbara pregnancy health center for women handling an unplanned pregnancy. They provide resources for women going to term or considering abortion. 

Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara

The CAC of Santa Barbara works to assist low-income families with school placement, lunch and snack programs, medical, dental and mental health screenings, prenatal screenings, services for children with special needs, parenting education workshops and more.

Family Services Agency

They offer a parenting class where residents learn about understanding developmental milestones, strengthening empathy in parents and children, disciplining in a positive and nurturing way, developing positive self concept, self-esteem and self worth, recognizing, managing and communicating feelings, and having positive interactions among family members.

PEP (Postpartum Education for Parents)

This is an out of house program on Saturdays we offer our residents once a month. In this Baby Basics program, residents can expect to learn typical newborn behavior, feeding options and tips, diapering options and demonstrations, vehicle safety, safety proofing your home and a live baby demo with a newborn.